Last update: May 24, 2018

Processing of personal data

By ticking the reservation form, the client agrees to the processing of personal data according to the law (EU Regulation679 / 2016), transposed by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as subsequently amended and supplemented, as well as the provisions of Directive 2002/58 / EC on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, transposed by Law no. 506/2004 in order to use the car rental services of SC MAYA RENT A CAR SRL.

For this purpose, our company has the right to transmit these data to the involved entities, respectively to ROMANIAN POLITICA in case of deviations from the road code during the rental period.

The Customer declares that he has taken note of the provisions of the law on the rights of the person whose personal data are processed and agrees to the use of his data for the following purposes:

  1. Preparing the necessary documents for renting a car for the specified period from SC MAYA RENT A CAR SRL
  2. SC MAYA RENT A CAR SRL has the right to access data for 6 months from the last rental if we are notified by fine that the client has committed contraventions from the road code in force (after 6 months since the last lease the personal data are automatically deleted from our database).
  3. SC MAYA RENT A CAR SRL has the right to transmit the customer’s personal data to the POLITICAL ORGANIZATION, PROCUREMENT AND JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES as well as to other state bodies that ask them if they will be requested in case of deviations from the law involving the rented car , committed by the client during the contractual period.

Here you can find the consent form for personal data processing. (link)


1. The customer must have a driving license valid for the rented object category for the entire rental period and one year old. The mandatory minimum age is 21 years.
2. The hirer assumes full responsibility for any accident caused by the imprudent driving of the car as well as driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or intoxication by accepting to pay the damages assessed by our insurance company.
3. In the event of an accident, the customer is obliged to immediately notify the police and the landlord of his production and allow the necessary investigations to be carried out.
4. In the event of a road accident and theft of the car or the car, the customer will be obliged to obtain from the competent authorities the following documents:

  • Minutes of burglary or theft, as appropriate;
  • Annex 2 for the CASCO policy;
  • Authorization for repair.

5. The customer assumes full responsibility for any violation of the current road regulations. He is also required to pay all fines received during the period he rented the car.
6. The customer has the obligation to pay a guarantee of 150-350 euros depending on the category of car requested for rent.
7. The customer has the obligation not to leave the country with the car unless he has the written consent of the owner
8. The customer is forbidden to:

  • Participate in car races or tests to check the performance of the car;
  • Transport prohibited materials or substances, as well as transport  any goods without the necessary documents;
  • Use the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance that may affect its reaction speed or consciousness;
  • Tow other cars or trailers without the written consent of the owner;
  • Leave the car with the open windows and / or the unattended keys in the contact, and the alarm system will be activated every time the car is left;
  • Make any repairs to the car, it can only be repaired in an authorized service and designated by the owner;
  • Sell, rent or guarantee with the car that is the subject of this contract.

Violation of any of the terms of use will automatically entail the customer’s financial responsibility to the owner, the retention of the warranty plus the payment of all damages caused.

9. Upon expiration of this contract, the tenant will return the rented property, together with all its accessories, to the owner in the same condition as received.


The minimum rental period is 48 hours (2 days).
The contract holder will need to present a valid identity card or passport and a driving license of at least 1 year old.
For online booking of the car, the customer has the obligation to send a scanned copy of the documents and to make a phone call at least one day before the date of the rental.

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